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How to Create a Bootable USB flash drive using Command Prompt

You want to reinstall your operating System? Do you have a problem with your DVD or CD-ROM? Do you have a USB flash drive? Then don't worry. I will tell you how to make your pen drive bootable.  You don't need to have any special software to do this or wasting our time to find one. Command prompt is enough and its super easy. After you plug your flash drive to your computer just follow these steps.(Recommend you to backup your flash drive before you started).

Step 01: Run your command prompt as administrator.
Go to your Start menu and type cmd and you will able see Command prompt option.Right click it and select Run as administrator.Step 02: Enter diskpart commands --> " DISKPART "
Type diskpart and press enter.Step 03: Get a list of your disk --> " LIST DISK "
Type  list disk and press will able to see your disk list with numbers.
Step 04: Select your flash drive--> " SELECT DISK __ "
Type select disk 1 and press enter (select your…

How to change Dialog 4G router login password

Everyone knows that most of the router comes with all the default details, such as default IP address, default WiFi key and default login details. You can find these details under your router or behind it.Anyone can easily login to your router and take your WiFi password and use it secretly. Someone can access your router and change your login password and change your WiFi password, mess up everything?So it's better to change your default login details before someone mess up with it. Don't worry. Just reset your router and change your default login password and WiFi key. If you want to know how to change WiFi password then Click hear.

If someone already change your login password you can reset your router by pressing Reset button.
You can find your reset button next to your power cable. Use a paper click to press it. Now you can login to your router by giving default user name and password.
Follow these steps to change your router login password,
Go to settings.Select System…

How to do port forwarding on Dialog 4G router

Having problem with playing multiplayer games, using FileZilla? Don't worry, because most of the time the problem is with block port on your router. That is why we need to do port forwarding. Now you may think "How should I configure it?Is that hard? " , No. It will only take five minutes. Just follow my steps. I am going to port forward to use my FileZilla as a example. You may have heard of it. FileZilla comes under FTP(File Transfer Protocol >> Port number = 21 ). So lets do port forwarding.

Step 01: Assign a Static IP to your computer
Open your Command Prompt and type " ipconfig " and press Enter. Note down your IPV4 Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway.Now go to Control Panel -->> Network and Internet -->> Network and Sharing CenterPress Change adapter settings on the left side bar.Now right click on your LAN or wireless connection and go to Properties. On the pop-up menu select Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPV4) and press Properties. N…