How to Change Dialog 4G Broadband router wifi Password

Router is a network device that connect you to the internet.Dialog 4G Home Broadband service expanding their coverage throughout the Sri Lanka. So many of you can have this question. "Is there someone else know my WiFi password? using my WiFi?" The best possible answer to this is to change your WiFi password occasionally. SO the next question is "How do I change my WiFi password?". Changing your WiFi password isn't a big deal. It is very simple task for a technical person. But not everyone got technical knowledge. So this guide is for the ones who need help with changing their WiFi password. Just simply follow these steps to change your WiFi password.   

Step 01: Find your router IP address, Username and Password.(Default IP address is You can find them under your router.

This IP address and User name common for all Dialog 4G routers. But if your using different kind of a router, most of the time you can find it under your router or behind it.

Step 02: Type your IP address on the web browser and press Enter.

Step 03: Follow these steps

  • Go to Settings
  • Chose WLAN from the left side bar
  • Select WLAN Basic Settings
  • Once you click it you will be able to see WLAN Basic Settings on the body of your web page.

  • Under the WLAN Basic Settings go to WPA pre-shared key.
  • WPA pre-shared key contain your current wifi password. You can change it and give a password you want.
  • Make sure to enter strong password and finally press Apply button.
  • That's it. You have successfully change your WiFi password.
If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to comments and contact me.



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