How to Create a Bootable USB flash drive using Command Prompt

You want to reinstall your operating System? Do you have a problem with your DVD or CD-ROM? Do you have a USB flash drive? Then don't worry. I will tell you how to make your pen drive bootable.  You don't need to have any special software to do this or wasting our time to find one. Command prompt is enough and its super easy. After you plug your flash drive to your computer just follow these steps.(Recommend you to backup your flash drive before you started).

Step 01: Run your command prompt as administrator.
  • Go to your Start menu and type cmd and you will able see Command prompt option.
  • Right click it and select Run as administrator.
Step 02: Enter diskpart commands --> " DISKPART "
  • Type diskpart and press enter.
Step 03: Get a list of your disk --> " LIST DISK "
  • Type  list disk and press enter.
  • you will able to see your disk list with numbers.

Step 04: Select your flash drive --> " SELECT DISK __ "
  • Type select disk 1 and press enter (select your flash drive disk number. hear, disk 1 is my flash drive drive, your flash drive can be disk 2, disk 3)

Step 05: Clean out your pen drive. --> " CLEAN "
  • This will erase everything on your flash drive
  • Type clean and press enter
Step 06: Create a new partition -->" CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY "
  • Type create partition primary and press enter
Step 07:Select the newly created partition--> " SELECT PARTITION 1 "
  • Type select partition 1 and press enter
Step 08: Format new partition--> " FORMAT FS-FAT32 QUICK "
  • Type format fs-fat32 quick and press enter
Step 09: Activate your partition--> " ACTIVE "
  • Type active and press enter

Step 10: Assign a drive letter--> " ASSIGN LETTER=H "
  • Type assign and press enter(If you want to assign your own letter to it, for example i want to add "H" to my partition, type "assign letter=H")
Step 11: Copy windows OS to your pen driver --> " xcopy __\*.* /S/E/F __ "

(You can do this by simply right click your windows OS--> Copy, go to your partition--> Right click --> Paste)
  • You can do that using your command prompt too. Lets say my windows OS driver letter is "J:" and flash drive letter is "H:". 
  • Type exit press enter
  • Now type xcopy J:\*.* /S/E/F H:
  • make sure you leave a space between * and /.

Boom!! that's it, you have successfully create a bootable flash drive. If you have any questions, feel free to comments or contact me.


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