How to do port forwarding on Dialog 4G router

Having problem with playing multiplayer games, using FileZilla? Don't worry, because most of the time the problem is with block port on your router. That is why we need to do port forwarding. Now you may think "How should I configure it?Is that hard? " , No. It will only take five minutes. Just follow my steps. I am going to port forward to use my FileZilla as a example. You may have heard of it. FileZilla comes under FTP(File Transfer Protocol >> Port number = 21 ). So lets do port forwarding.

Step 01: Assign a Static IP to your computer
  • Open your Command Prompt and type " ipconfig " and press Enter.
  • Note down  your IPV4 Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway.
  • Now go to Control Panel -->> Network and Internet -->> Network and Sharing Center
  • Press Change adapter settings on the left side bar.
  • Now right click on your LAN or wireless connection and go to Properties.
  • On the pop-up menu select Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPV4) and press Properties.
  • Now Internet Protocol Version 4 properties, select " Use the following IP addresses" and enter the details you note down earlier. 

  • In hear add your router default IP address(You can find it under or behind your router) to preferred DNS server.(If you have already have DNS server add that IP to this field) .
  • Finally press ok.

Step 02: Log in to your router and configure port forwarding.
To login - 
  • open your web browser and enter your default router IP address and press Enter. 
  • enter your Username and Password.(you can find it under or behind your router)
  • press login. 
After you login -
  • Go to settings -->>  Security -->> Port Forwarding
  • Under the Port Forwarding List press Add button.
  • Now give a name you like.
  • For WAN and LAN port , you have to find your port number. (google it).
  • for example - FTP port number is 21. for web port number is 80 etc.
  • LAN IP address is the static IP that you enter to your PC earlier. 
  • Turn the status option on.
  • Press Ok under option column.

  • Finally press Apply button.
 That is it. You have successfully done port forwarding. If you have any questions, please feel free to comments and ask me.


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