How to change SLT router wifi password

Change WiFi password for SLT 4G router
1) Type in your browser address bar.Usually, this will be the IP address of your router management page. If you think this is not the page, you can find the correct one on the sticker behind your router.


  1. User Name and P/W printed on the back of the router.
    These are your default administrator username and password for router management page. you need them to log in.
  2. In, you will be asked for your login details. Use the noted Username and password (If you haven’t changed the router management username and password these will work fine, If you don't remember the previous one, Simply reset your router)
  3. Optional(To reset your router, You can see a tinny hole on your router. Use a paper click and press that button for like 10 second(while your router light or display change). it will reset your router.) 
2) Navigate to the settings page in the dashboard. Once you have logged in, it will take you to your SLT 4G router’s dashboard. Click on the settings button in the top menu.

Please Note: Interface can be different on your router. IF so, You have to find setting tab.(Don't be affraid to check around by clicking links. If something goes wrong simply reset your router or find the option call reset your router/change to default settings/soft reset/factory reset like wise etc.)

4) Now go to Wifi in basic settings. (This can be Wifi/Wifi settings)

  1. Type your password in the password field.(This field can be Wifi Key field)
    It can be under wifi-security or under General Tab.
  2. Click Apply.
  3. That’s all. Your wifi password is successfully changed.Make sure to put something you can easy to remember but hard for others to guess. One you change your wifi password, you will have to change or reconnect your devices using your new wifi password. Try it out Guys!!


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